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About the SecureHotel Threat Portal

The SecureHotel Threat Portal is an online threat registry and trend analysis of hotel violence the world over. It covers, the who, what, when, where, why, and how of hotel attacks in every region of the globe.

It provides hospitality professionals with cutting edge threat intelligence to help them reduce risks and protect their guests, staffs, buildings, and revenues.

Video explanation of the SecureHotel Threat Portal

Substance of the threat intelligence
  • Based on an 9-year hotel attack database, and growing…
  • Timeframe: 2010 – end 2018, and growing…
  • 2,346+ hotel violence cases, and growing…
  • Threats covered: terrorism, high order criminal violence, certain war scenarios, and political violence.
  • High, medium, low, and no casualty events.
  • A special US hotel violence section has been created with over 300 cases.
How the SecureHotel Threat Portal can be used
  • LEGAL: Strengthen liabilities and duty of care policies.
  • SECURITY: Upgrade security based on real world attack statistics and case studies.
  • INSURANCE: Calibrate insurance risks and rewrite policies with actuarial-like data, or negotiate with an insurer to do so, or form a captive, or self-insure.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Formulate safe development strategies, design better protected hotels, add protective measures during property improvement programs.
  • GOVERNMENTS: Improve understanding of threats against a country’s tourism and hospitality sector and then mitigate them.

Want to know more? Watch this deep dive video explanation of how you can use the SecureHotel Threat Portal