Draft data points on Sri Lanka’s Easter hotel and church bombings, 21 April 2019

27 April, 2019 Hotel Attacks

Reporting from the BBC, Reuters, and scores of other outlets said at least 11 terrorist bombs exploded in Sri Lanka on 21 April, hitting multiple targets. Seven of these were direct attacks against specific targets – three churches, and four hotels – and three appeared to be from law enforcement operations aimed at apprehending suspects or blowing in place bombs that authorities had discovered. The situation in Sri Lanka is highly fluid with new, highly significant data points developing every 12-24 hours. This is likely to continue for at least one more week, and possibly longer. No analyses presented here, then, should be considered definitive, but the information is, nevertheless, quality enough to be acted on for near term risk reduction. Muir Analytics will update its reporting at the appropriate juncture.

Main details of the bombings

The culprits

Government action

The church bombings

The hotel bombings

The remaining three bombs

Background on Islamist jihadism in Sri Lanka

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