13 May 2015, Ireland

14 May, 2015 Security

Prosecutors in Ireland continued their case in a Special Criminal Court on 13 May 2015 against alleged IRA bomber Samuel Devlin. Mr. Devlin is accused of trying to detonate a bomb on 10 May 2014 at Finnstown House Hotel in Lucan, just west of Dublin. A wedding was in progress when the device – a car bomb – was discovered, reports NewsTalk.com.

The Irish Times says Devlin is charged with unlawful possession of explosives and for being a member of an outlawed terrorist organization, the IRA. (Exactly what IRA group Mr. Devlin is supposed to belong to, the Real IRA, or the New IRA, or some other faction, is not clear.)

Devlin was arrested at the Finnstown House Hotel. Police found in his possession 26 meters of PETN detonation cord.

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