12 July 2016, Yet another major hotel hack, this one on Omni

12 July, 2016 Hotel Attacks

Teri Robinson, Executive Editor of SC Magazine, penned an article on 12 July 2016 titled, “Malware on Omni Hotel POS systems scarfed payment card info.” It describes a point of sale (POS) hack of Omni Hotel and Resort’s Internet system.

In the piece, Robinson quoted Omni as saying:

“The malware was designed to collect certain payment card information, including cardholder name, credit/debit card number, security code and expiration date,” the Dallas-based company said, explaining that the investigation found no evidence that its reservation or Select Guest membership systems had been compromised. “There is no evidence that other customer information, such as contact information, Social Security numbers or PINs, were affected by this issue.”

Omni has a website dedicated to hacking mitigation for its patrons here.

Robinson wrote, “Customers that did not physically present a payment card at a POS system at an affected Omni location were likely not affected during the period from December 23, 2015 to June 14, 2016, when the intrusions were believed to have taken place.”

Omni is based in Dallas, Texas. It has 60 properties with 20,010 rooms in the U.S. Mexico, and Canada.

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