26 June 2015, Sousse, Tunisia

Jun Sat, 2015 Hotel Attacks

On 26 June, terrorists raided hotels along a beach in Sousse, Tunisia. Exact details of the terrorists’ tactics, the hotels struck, and the numbers of killed and wounded are tenuous, but as of 1700 Eastern Standard Time (US), the situation is this:

At approximately 12:00 pm Tunisia time, two terrorists arrived at the beach at the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba and the Soviva Resortpossibly by Jet Ski and/or boat, so said the director of the Royal Kenz Hotel – drew AK-47s hidden in umbrellas, and began shooting beachgoers and sunbathers.

So far, there has been no reporting on shootings at the Soviva Resort itself. It appears the violence there likely happened at the Soviva’s beachfront as it sits next to (north of) the Imperial Marhaba.

The owner of the Imperial Marhaba, Zohra Driss, said in the Daily Mail that the gunmen then made their way to the hotel’s swimming pool and began shooting patrons there.

Afterwards, the attackers exited the hotel to a nearby street where security forces shot and killed one gunman and apparently arrested the other.

The Tunis Times reports that the attackers were ISIS affiliated. Reuters reports ISIS claimed responsibility with the following tweet: “Our brother, the soldier of the Caliphate, Abu Yihya al-Kairouni, reached his target the Imperial hotel despite the security measures.”

ISIS called the hotel a “bordel” (whorehouse) and the victims “infidels.”

The casualty count to date is 37 killed and 36 wounded. Tunisians, British, Irish, German, and Belgian citizens were reportedly among the victims, The Guardian and other sources said.

There is speculation the attackers struck during Ramadan to lessen the chances of killing Tunisians.

The Tunisia attacks happened near the same time that a suicide bomber struck a Shia mosque in Kuwait (27 killed, 227 wounded) and a frenzied attacker descended on a factory in France. In the latter case, in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (near Lyon), a terrorist beheaded a factory manager, hung his head and Islamist jihadist flags on the factory fence, and then rammed a vehicle into a building that triggered an explosion.

Muir Analytics wrote a piece on hotel security in Tunisia in May 2015 noting rising foreign hotel investment in the country despite signs of trouble by ISIS and like groups – notably the 18 March attack on the Bardo Museum in Tunis that killed 21 and wounded at least 50. At the time of publication, the Tunisian government said that protecting hotels and resorts was a key priority as it accounted for a significant amount of national GDP revenues.

Ultimately, this case clearly demonstrates that in areas targeted by ISIS and like groups that government security forces and hotel security officials must inrease coordination and joint physical security to better protect patrons, staff, and property. In countries such as Tunisia, a robust, countrywide hotel and resort security plan is imperative.

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