08 July, 2022
7 July 2022, Notable hotel violence from the first half of 2022; data-enabled, strategic hotel…

So far, 2022 has seen a wide array of global hotel violence. Given that hotels are the world’s most violent commercial sector, this is no surprise. The following hotel violence…

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10 March, 2022
10 March 2022, Hospitality threat analysis – hotel exposures from the war in Ukraine

Hotels are the most violent commercial sector in the world. They suffer from many risks: Violent crime, terrorism, arson, strikes/riots/civil commotion, coup d'etat, sabotage, and war. On the nonviolent but…

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21 February, 2022
Muir Analytics’ strategic hotel threat assessment for 2022

On 6 October 2021, Muir Analytics gave a hotel threat intelligence brief at Stephen Barth’s excellent Hospitality Law Conference series. Muir’s briefing included a strategic hotel threat assessment (indications and warnings, or…

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01 December, 2021
1 December 2021, Resort security in Uganda finds detonator, prevents bombing in the wake of…

Note: On 6 October 2021, at the Hospitality Law Virtual Seminar, Muir Analytics produced a global hotel threat assessment for late 2021 and all of 2022. The assessment said that,…

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24 September, 2021
24 September 2021, Security Radar Newsletter from Sky Touch Global

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12 August, 2021
12 August 2021, Anatomy of a hotel security negligence lawsuit – the Haggard Law Firm…

In July 2021, the Haggard Law Firm won a $1.32 million lawsuit for its client, Wiley Lowe. The suit was over security negligence at the Elysium Hotel in Fort Lauderdale,…

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22 July, 2021
NEW: 22 July 2021, Security Radar Newsletter from Sky Touch Global

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16 June, 2021
Quick Brief, 16 June 2021: Paradise Beach Hotel in Kenya never got over terror attack;…

(Muir Analytics' Quick Brief is broadly based on the Pentagon EXSUM briefing method. The aim is to quickly explain an evolving hotel threat issue in about 15 lines in executive…

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06 November, 2020
6 November 2020, Threat warning for France’s domestic and international hotel/resort sector

Based on threat indicators compiled in late October 2020, Muir Analytics assesses that French branded hotels and resorts, both domestic and international, are ripe for an Islamist jihadist attack.* Muir…

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05 May, 2020
5 May 2020, Hotel/resort threat warning for the Maldives

Based on copious threat indicators compiled in late April 2020, Muir Analytics assesses that hotels and resorts in the Maldives are ripe for an ISIS/Islamist jihadist attack. The current threat…

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27 September, 2019
September 2019, Ethiopia foils hotel and other public venue attacks planned by al Shabaab –…

Borkena reported on 24 September that Ethiopia foiled hotel and other public venue attacks by al Shabaab and ISIS. Ethiopian authorities arrested at least 12 operatives from both al Shabaab…

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28 November, 2018
28 November 2018, Personal security suggestions to lessen sexual assault risks at hotels/resorts in light…

The recent accusations of sexual assaults at Caribbean resorts, particularly in Jamaica, are based on professional research and analyses by the US State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), and multiple, recent…

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20 June, 2017
21 June 2017, List of security/fire failures, Resorts World Manila attack (updated from 20 June)

Below is a list of security/fire failures regarding the 2 June 2017 active shooter assault on the Resorts World Manila (RWM) complex – specifically, the Maxims Hotel and the casino…

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07 November, 2016
4 November 2016, Terror group specializing in hotel attacks joins ISIS

On 30 October, a group called al-Murabitun (The Sentinels,) which is a faction of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM,) pledged support to ISIS, according to PJ Media and…

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17 October, 2016
8 October 2016, Singapore increases hotel security

On 8 October, Jeremy Koh of The Straits Times wrote a telling piece describing how Singapore has increased hotel security in light of the global increase of terrorism. Mr. Koh wrote: "Mr…

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28 September, 2016
20-21 September 2016, Select list of hotel security measures taken during Charlotte riots

Muir Analytics covered the Black Lives Matter-related political violence against hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina, here. Riots impacted at least seven hotels with several people assaulted, two shot (and one killed),…

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10 September, 2016
10 September 2016, like France and Turkey, terror in Thailand causes drop in tourism

Tourism in Thailand has slowed in the wake of multiple attacks there, just like what has happened in Turkey and France – and to a lesser degree, Tunisia – (see…

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16 August, 2016
15 August 2016, Paris occupancy rates plummets because of recent terror attacks

The Telegraph reported on 7 August that Paris' hotel occupancy rates have plummeted as a result of more than 11 terror attacks in country, such as: 2015 3 February, Nice 19…

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17 March, 2016
14 March 2016, DHS warns ISIS aims to attack DC area hotels

On 10 March 2016, the US Department of Homeland Security issued a threat warning saying that ISIS was aiming to attack hotels and conference venues in the Washington DC area,…

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08 February, 2016
30 January 2016, Istanbul bombing attempt foiled by ready police; tourism sector suffers, regardless

On 30 January 2016 at 10:30 pm, Istanbul police shot a terrorist suspect who refused to stop for questioning near the Ritz Carlton hotel, reports Today’s Zaman. Police reportedly found…

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03 January, 2016
31 December 2015, Eilat, Israel

The Israeli government on 31 December released a statement asserting that two Arab Israeli citizens from Jerusalem were indicted for trying to bomb the Rio Hotel in Eilat, reports The…

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12 December, 2015
12 December 2015, Lagos, Nigeria police warn of possible terror attacks on hotels

Following a U.S. State Department terror attack warning for Nigeria, State Police Commissioner Fatai Owoseni held a meeting with high-end hotel owners/managers in Lagos informing them of the warning, and then…

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20 November, 2015
20 November 2015, Bamako, Mali – Statement from Radisson on the ongoing attack

On 20 November, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako, Mali, released the following statement regarding the terror attack that began there this morning and still continues: "HOSTAGE-TAKING AT RADISSON BLU…

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30 September, 2015
25 September 2015, Tunisia’s tourism sector collapses after hotel attack

On 25 September, The Guardian reported that Tunisia’s tourism sector had collapsed in the wake of the 26 June attack on the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba in Sousse. Scores of…

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24 August, 2015
20 August 2015, Bangkok hotels increase security after bombing

On Monday, 17 August at 6:55 pm, an IED exploded at Erawan Shrine, Bangkok, at the corner of Phloen Chit and Ratchadamri Roads. It is a bustling area with modern…

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01 July, 2015
30 June 2015, Tunisia

On 27 June, the Tunisian government announced increased national security measures in the wake of the 26 June Sousse hotel massacre that killed as many as 30. This was the…

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10 June, 2015
8 June 2015, Indian security forces lament lack of hotel security

On 8 June, the Times of India ran a piece titled, “DC boss stay exposes chinks in hotels' armour.” In this story, police in Bhubaneswar (Odisha state, 150 miles down…

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14 May, 2015
13 May 2015, Ireland

Prosecutors in Ireland continued their case in a Special Criminal Court on 13 May 2015 against alleged IRA bomber Samuel Devlin. Mr. Devlin is accused of trying to detonate a…

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14 May, 2015
23 April 2015, Tunisia

FVW magazine, one of Germany’s top travel trade news outlets, reported in April that German hotel and tourist investors continued to be optimistic about tourism and hotel investment in Tunisia…

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14 May, 2015
10 April 2015, Pakistan

The BBC reported on 10 April that Pakistani authorities released from prison Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, the alleged LeT planner of the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, which included attacks on two…

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12 April, 2015
26 March 2015, Kim Zetter covers hotel wi-fi security

26 March 2015, Kim Zetter for Wired discusses how vulnerable many hotel wi-fi systems are. Zetter says, “Researchers have discovered a vulnerability in the systems, which would allow an attacker…

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12 April, 2015
1 March 2015, Fallout from the 2008 Mumbai attack continues…

1 March 2015, the accused central planner of the November 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India, that included, among multiple other targets, attacks on two hotels, the Taj Mahal and the…

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