10 April 2015, Iraq

14 May, 2015 Hotel Attacks

The Daily Mail reports that on 10 April, terrorists detonated a car bomb near the Babylon Warwick Hotel in the Karrada neighborhood, central Baghdad. The blast, which occurred during midday Friday prayers, killed three and wounded 12. NPR reports the Babylon was directly attacked in January 2010 along with two other hotels, the “Sheraton,”* and the al-Hamra.

*(Note: at the time, the “Sheraton” mentioned here was reportedly the Cristal Grand Ishtar, an upscale hotel that is sometimes called the “Sheraton Ishtar.” The property was, in fact, a Sheraton up to 1991, but Sheraton Hotels left Iraq at that time because of Operation Desert Storm and poor relations with the government. A genuine Sheraton hotel by Starwood will be opening in Dohuk, Iraq, on 1 June 2015.)

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