28 November 2017, Bloomberg article speculates Mandalay Bay/Vegas concert massacre might cost over $1 billion in insurance payouts

28 November, 2017 Insurance

Bloomberg writers Hannah Levitt and Sonali Basak penned the article, “Las Vegas Massacre Could Cost Insurers More Than $1 Billion,” on 10 November. To date, the exactitudes of insurance payouts, the companies involved, what policies did and did not cover, etc., are not forthcoming because it is too early in this sure-to-be contentious liabilities case. Nevertheless, Levitt and Basak offer insight into some of the pressing issues at stake. Highlights of the article are as follows:

Insurance payouts associated with this case are likely to make further headlines, not just regarding the size of payouts, but also possible legal wrangling between the insured, the insurers, and the interpretation of their policies.

Sources and further reading:

Las Vegas Massacre Could Cost Insurers More Than $1 Billion,” Bloomberg, 10 November 2017.

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