28 February 2019, Raid with car bomb in Mogadishu, Somalia

01 March, 2019 Hotel Attacks

Quick overview and short takeaways:

Reuters and scores of other outlets are reporting on this ongoing attack:

1) Al Shabaab exploded a massive car bomb outside the Hotel Maka Al-Mukarama in Mogadishu the evening of 28 Feb 2019. Its fighters then occupied the building next door, and Somalian forces are fighting to dislodge them as of 1 Mar.

2) So far, casualties are estimated at 30 killed and 80 wounded.

3) Al Shabaab, an Islamist jihadist insurgent group, has increased operations as of late in light of military pressure applied by the US, Kenya, and other regional militaries.

4) Al Shabaab on 15 Jan raided the 5 star Dusit hotel and business complex in Nairobi, Kenya, killing 21 and wounding scores.

5) Al Shabaab specializes in hotel attacks, and hotel companies around the world should readily understand its tactics.

6) Muir Analytics’ SecureHotel Threat Portal intelligence indicates war zone type tactics are increasingly being applied against hotels in non war zone counties.

Sources and further reading:

Battle rages after Mogadishu hotel attack, death toll nears 30,” Reuters, 1 March 2019.

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