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14 October 2017, Massive explosion demolishes 20 buildings in Mogadishu, including the Safari Hotel

On 14 October 2017, terrorists detonated at least one massive truck bomb – the New York Times says two truck bombs – in front of the Safari Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, killing 267 and wounding 300, reports NBC News and the Associated Press. The Independent says an ambulance driver in Mogadishu calculated that the death toll is over 300. The Voice of America reports 302 killed, and 429 wounded. These numbers are expected to rise. It is reportedly Somalia’s most deadly terror attack. It is not known what type of explosive was used, but the New York Times says that the attackers drove two bomb-laden trucks through multiple checkpoints and into the city where they detonated. No group has claimed responsibility, though al Shabaab is the main suspect, say Somali intelligence officials. Al Shabaab has waged a terrorist war against the government and … Continue reading

Kate Taylor of The Business Insider writes about potential lawsuits RE: Mandalay Bay Vegas shooting

On 5 October, Kate Taylor of the Business Insider wrote an article titled, “The hotel where the Las Vegas gunman stockpiled weapons for 3 days has been quiet about what happened — and legal experts say it could be in hot water.” Ms. Taylor’s main points in the piece, heavily condensed here, are as follows: Because the Las Vegas gunman took three days to stockpile as many as 23 firearms in his room in as many as 10 suitcases, it seems that someone in housekeeping, management, or security might have noticed this oddity and said something. Lawsuits against the hotel are likely. Liabilities pressure from the Mandalay Bay case could cause hotels to rethink their security, which could include assessing potential threats from guests, which would change various privacy issues. The potential success of any lawsuit in this case “would depend on many … Continue reading

2 October 2017, Initial report – concert mass murderer used Mandalay Bay as shooting perch

Below is an initial report of the worst mass shooting in US history where the shooter used the Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel as a firing position to attack the Route 91 country music concert. The facts in this case are fluid and subject to change. The attack On Sunday night, 1 October, at 10:00 pm, 64-year old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of 20,000 plus concertgoers from his perch on the 32d floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel, reports the Express. The hotel is an MGM property. The current casualty rate is 58 killed and 515 wounded, says the Daily Mail. The gunman’s target was the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a three-day country music festival, held at the Las Vegas Village concert/entertainment venue located at the corner of Vegas Blvd and Mandalay Bay Road. Firing went on for 10 … Continue reading