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20-21 September 2016, Select list of hotel security measures taken during Charlotte riots

Muir Analytics covered the Black Lives Matter-related political violence against hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina, here. Riots impacted at least seven hotels with several people assaulted, two shot (and one killed), many wounded, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage done. Hotels in the downtown Charlotte business district rallied to defend themselves. Here is a select list of some of the security precautions they took: Security/crisis management plans for many hotels were in place as early as 8:00 am before the second night of riots began. This meant that some hotels were collecting intelligence on the potential threat and could therefore prepare for it. This included alerting guests to the threat and providing them with security advice. Extra security and hotel staff was brought in to provide a safe (as could be) environment and to tend to customers’ needs. Some hotels adopted, … Continue reading

20-21 September, Charlotte, North Carolina

On the evenings of 20-21 September in Charlotte, North Carolina, political violence in the form of rioting, vandalism, intimidation, and assault impacted at least seven hotels in the city’s downtown business district – mostly the Trade and College streets area – reports The Charlotte Observer. The damage was significant enough for the Observer to say, “Uptown hotels spent Thursday repairing damage and reassuring guests following a violent night of protesting that cast their properties in an international spotlight.” The political violence resulted from a Black Lives Matter style protests over the 20 September police shooting of N.C. resident Keith Lamont Scott. Police assert Mr. Scott had a firearm on his person and would not relinquish it when they sought to detain him. This resulted resulted in the shooting, say authorities. Mr. Scott’s family insisted he had no firearm and say police murdered him … Continue reading

10 September 2016, like France and Turkey, terror in Thailand causes drop in tourism

Tourism in Thailand has slowed in the wake of multiple attacks there, just like what has happened in Turkey and France – and to a lesser degree, Tunisia – (see Muir Analytics reports here, here, and here.) Right after the Thai mid-south bombings in August, the town of Trang had a 100% hotel cancelation rate, reports The Nation. Prateep Jongthong, president of Trang’s tourism association, said that the negative impact of the bombings could carry on into October. Other tourist related businesses in the mid-south have since reported a slight bounce back in bookings as travelers are unaware of the issues at stake or disregard them entirely because of the hotel deals offered. The Voice of America says economists at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce report that the recent terror attacks might cause a loss of 365,000 fewer tourists visiting the mid-south provinces, resulting in a … Continue reading

10 September 2016, update on the Southern View Hotel bombing, Pattani, Thailand

On 8 September, Thai authorities announced that 32-year old Hakeem Doloh, a Pattani native, had been linked to both the Southern View hotel bombing on 23 August, and the mid-south bombings between 10-14 August. Regarding the latter, Mr. Doloh was specifically linked to the 11 August firebombing of a Tesco Lotus store in Nakhon Si Thammarat, which is well outside the established insurgency zone. The charges against the suspect, reports The Nation, are as follows: “premeditated murder, attempted murder, terrorism, possession of an explosive without permission, detonating the bomb, and racketeering.” This revelation simply reinforces the Thailand threat warnings posted here and here by Muir Analytics. The insurgency is now attacking well beyond its traditional borders, and it is attacking civilian establishments, including hotels and tourist spots. More attacks against these type targets in Thailand’s mid-south and throughout the rest of Thailand, including … Continue reading