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20 August 2015, Bangkok hotels increase security after bombing

On Monday, 17 August at 6:55 pm, an IED exploded at Erawan Shrine, Bangkok, at the corner of Phloen Chit and Ratchadamri Roads. It is a bustling area with modern shopping centers, hotels, coffee shops, eateries, and major businesses. Current reporting says the bomb, a pipe bomb, weighed 3kg (6.6 pounds). It consisted of TNT and was packed with ball bearings for use as shrapnel. The device’s blast radius ranged out to 50 meters. It killed 21 and wounded as many as 130. The device was built and placed to achieve maximum casualties, and it did. This terrorist attack was the worst in Bangkok’s history, and one of the worst in Thai history. The next day, Tuesday, 18 August, another bomb exploded, this one at the Sathorn pier on the Chao Phraya River under the Taksin BTS Skytrain station. It is not clear if … Continue reading

11 August 2015, Not terrorism, but a possible legal precedent for hotel safety and security liability (including terrorism)

CBS Boston reported on 11 August that a female rape victim was awarded $6.6 million in damages for an attack that happened on a hotel’s premises in 2009. A jury found that JPA IV Management Co. Inc. – which owned the Radisson Hotel in Boston (since changed names and ownership, see below,) and attached to the 200 Stuart Street parking garage – was negligent in providing adequate security to its patrons. The woman was the second rape victim within 12 days in the parking garage. The Daily Report says the victim’s legal team, Keenan Law Firm in Atlanta, successfully argued JPA IV Management, a) did not adequately increase security after the first rape, and that b) both of the hotel’s security guards were in the hotel at the time of the attack, which left the parking garage vulnerable. CBS reported that the court … Continue reading

25 July 2015, San Salvador, El Salvador

On 25 July, Saturday night, suspected gang members threw a grenade into (or at the) the restaurant of the Sheraton Presidente San Salvador Hotel, reports Tim Rogers at Mr. Rogers is the site’s Latin America news commentator. Rogers says that the explosion fractured the restaurant’s windows, but injured no one. The Attorney General of El Salvador, Luis Antonio Martinez Gonzalez, labeled the attack an act of terrorism. A Reuters article says the grenade blew up in the hotel’s parking lot. An article from La Pagina (translated from Spanish) also says the device exploded in the parking lot and/or a garden area and apparently resulted in slight ear damage of a tourist. A statement from the Sheraton (translated from Spanish) said: “There was an incident in a garden outside the hotel. There were no injuries and our facilities were not affected and continue … Continue reading