SecureHotel Threat Report

SecureHotel Threat Report is an analysis of terror attacks on hotels the world over. It describes attack patterns and trends – specifically, the who, what, when, where, why, and the how of terror attacks on hotels.

Features of the report

  • Data and statistics demonstrated in graphs, charts, and maps
  • Analyses presented in plainspoken English and actionable terms
  • Easy-to-understand format for near seamless of use not just by security officials, but also hotel CEOs, accountants, underwriters, and lawyers
  • Future prognoses of hotel threat environment
  • More than 15 critical data points, including timing, date, region, country, town, casualty rates, and also the all important terror tactics used, etc.

Who can benefit from the SecureHotel Threat Report, and how can they use it?

Hotel security

  • Shape hotel security policy for an entire hotel group or chain – one report for all properties
  • Upgrade physical security in regions/cities that suffer frequent attacks
  • Mitigate specific types of terror tactics
  • Adjust crisis management plans
  • Justify security costs to accountants
  • Demonstrate duty of care, strive to meet fiduciary duties regarding employees and patrons


  • Improve risk analyses based on hotel attack actuary data trends and expert analyses
  • Write more precise policies, clearly define exclusions, and designate coverage based on real world threats and attack trends
  • More precisely estimate maximum probable losses
  • Reduce probability of payouts
  • Moderate risk of lawsuits over coverage and payout disputes

Hotel CEOs

  • Use the threat data and trends to help plan regional and/or country business expansion in the right places…and help avoid the wrong places
  • Fully understand the terror threats aligned against your hotel group or chain and act accordingly
  • Better understand the needs of your security department and supervise their integration with other hotel departments such as legal and accounting


  • Achieve a better understanding of terror risks to hotels to help protect hotel operations
  • Insure the hotel is positioned to fulfill duty of care and fiduciary responsibilities to patrons and hotel staff
  • Use hotel attack data and analyses for litigation support if needed
  • Better communicate threat and security concerns and legal issues with insurers and second parties such as franchisers and security contractors


  • Use data and analyses as support to law enforcement and security entities to help safeguard hotels
  • Better manage security resources to help protect hotels
  • Activate coordination between ministries of tourism, chambers of commerce, and security officials
  • Apply direct and focused security operations to mitigate specific terror tactics and trends for VIP protection, foreign dignitaries, conferences, sporting events, etc.

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