11 August 2015, Not terrorism, but a possible legal precedent for hotel safety and security liability (including terrorism)

CBS Boston reported on 11 August that a female rape victim was awarded $6.6 million in damages for an attack that happened on a hotel’s premises in 2009. A jury found that JPA IV Management Co. Inc. – which owned the Radisson Hotel in Boston (since changed names and ownership, see below,) and attached to the 200 Stuart Street parking garage – was negligent in providing adequate security to its patrons. The woman was the second rape victim within 12 days in the parking garage. The Daily Report says the victim’s legal team, Keenan Law Firm in Atlanta, successfully argued JPA IV Management, a) did not adequately increase security after the first rape, and that b) both of the hotel’s security guards were in the hotel at the time of the attack, which left the parking garage vulnerable. CBS reported that the court … Continue reading

7 July 2015, Myanmar – bombers sentenced

On 3 July, a Myanmar district court sentenced Saw Myint Lwin to life in prison with hard labor for helping a terror cell bomb the Traders Hotel in Yangon in October 2013. Lwin claimed during his trial that his handlers said he’d be killed if he didn’t plant the bomb, reports The Traders bomb was one of eight that exploded throughout Myanmar over a six-day period. Two other lodgings were targeted, including the Chan Myae Guest House in Taungoo, and the Shwe Pyitsone Hotel (also reported as the Shwe Pyae Sone Guest House) in Sagaing. The Traders Hotel bomb exploded on 14 October in the bathroom of a suite occupied by an American couple and their children, reports the BBC. The bomb was reportedly a time bomb planted approximately 24 hours earlier. The targeting of the victims seemed to be random. The blast … Continue reading

19 March 2015, the Honorable Thomas A. Dickerson on protecting hotel guests

On 19 March 2015, the Hon. Thomas A. Dickerson, writing for, penned an article titled, “Primer on hotel law: The common law – duty to protect guests from others.” In it, Dickerson comments on past precedents in the U.S. – specifically cases such as Shadday v. Omni Hotels Management Corp. (2007), which deals with the liability of hotels regarding rape or assault of its guests. While this is focused on crime, the application to terror cases is obvious. Read Dickerson’s highly useful article here.

28 October 2014, Mumbai attacks, Chicago-based lawsuit

On 28 October 2014, the estate of a Chicago man killed in the Oberoi Trident hotel during the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the Cook County Circuit Court against Lashkar-e-Taiba. The victim was Sandeep “Sam” Jeswani, and the special administrator to his estate legal champion was identified as Maribeth Jeswani. Read more here: 28 October 2014, Lawsuit: Terrorists killed Chicago man in Mumbai