Hotel Attacks

29 October 2018, Suicide bomber near hotel, Tunis, Tunisia

Eturbonews reports that, at 1:50 pm on 29 October 2018, a female suicide bomber, most likely Tunisia’s first (Muir Analytics is conducting research to confirm), detonated her explosives on the pedestrian walkway on Habib Bourguiba Avenue between the Municipal Theater of Tunis and the El Hana International Tunis hotel. The hotel did not suffer damage. The apparent target of the bomber was a police checkpoint that was next to a police van. Brinkwire reported that Tunisian Interior Minister, Hichem Fourati, said the detonation injured 15 police officers and five civilians. (Muir Analytics conducted a photographic and video analysis to pinpoint the apparent seat of the blast. If additional data causes this to change, Muir Analytics will adjust its analysis. The Mirror has a photograph of the deceased bomber – pixilated to blur the woman’s wounds – lying directly in front of the El Hana hotel. … Continue reading

6-7 July 2018, Port Au Prince, Haiti

On 6-7 July 2018, CNN reported that hundreds of rioters in Port au Prince, Haiti, attacked at least two hotels, the Royal Oasis Hotel, and the Best Western Premier Petion-Ville, as they protested government price hikes of gasoline (38% rise), diesel (47% rise), and kerosene (51% rise). Haitians reportedly make an average of about $2.00 a day, so the price hike enraged part of the populace, and they acted out. Riots occurred in other Haitian cities after chaos in Port au Prince erupted. Eventually, the government rescinded these decrees, but not before heavy violence occurred. Rioters set up roadblocks around town, they rampaged through the streets throwing rocks and carrying clubs, and they set cars and tires on fire in the streets. At least one rioter on CNN’s video appeared to have been armed with a Winchester Defender type shotgun (pistol grip, no stock … Continue reading

5 November 2017, Chemical agent used on hotel guests, Fresnes (Paris,) France

On Thursday, 2 November at 8:20 pm, four men used a chemical agent to attack as many as 40 tourists (the French press said 80) from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) at the Kyriad Hotel in Fresnes, France, says the South China Morning Post. This was in the Val-de-Marne Department, immediately south of Paris, and just north of Orly Airport. In technical terms, this attack was a raid. As the tourists returned from a shopping trip, the assailants ran into a parking lot used by the hotel and physically assaulted the group’s tour guide. They then sprayed the tourists with tear gas and robbed them as they collapsed from the toxic fumes. The attackers absconded with as many as nine shopping bags filled with luxury goods. The affected tourists were “in a panic” for about an hour and recovered inside the hotel, according to … Continue reading

14 October 2017, Massive explosion demolishes 20 buildings in Mogadishu, including the Safari Hotel

On 14 October 2017, terrorists detonated at least one massive truck bomb – the New York Times says two truck bombs – in front of the Safari Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, killing 267 and wounding 300, reports NBC News and the Associated Press. The Independent says an ambulance driver in Mogadishu calculated that the death toll is over 300. The Voice of America reports 302 killed, and 429 wounded. These numbers are expected to rise. It is reportedly Somalia’s most deadly terror attack. It is not known what type of explosive was used, but the New York Times says that the attackers drove two bomb-laden trucks through multiple checkpoints and into the city where they detonated. No group has claimed responsibility, though al Shabaab is the main suspect, say Somali intelligence officials. Al Shabaab has waged a terrorist war against the government and … Continue reading

2 October 2017, Initial report – concert mass murderer used Mandalay Bay as shooting perch

Below is an initial report of the worst mass shooting in US history where the shooter used the Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel as a firing position to attack the Route 91 country music concert. The facts in this case are fluid and subject to change. The attack On Sunday night, 1 October, at 10:00 pm, 64-year old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of 20,000 plus concertgoers from his perch on the 32d floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel, reports the Express. The hotel is an MGM property. The current casualty rate is 58 killed and 515 wounded, says the Daily Mail. The gunman’s target was the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a three-day country music festival, held at the Las Vegas Village concert/entertainment venue located at the corner of Vegas Blvd and Mandalay Bay Road. Firing went on for 10 … Continue reading

4 June 2017, Update on Resorts World Manila attack

On 3 June, Resorts World Manila released comprehensive CCTV footage of the 2 June attack on its Maxims Hotel and attached casino. The resort’s Chief Security Officer, Armeen Gomez, narrated the footage. Watch the video, and read the associated article here. So far, the resort and police say 38 were killed, and as many as 70 were wounded. A synopsis of the attack is as follows: The gunman, identified as a large, Philippine-looking man, approached the hotel via taxi at 12:07 a.m., demonstrating no ill intent or weaponry. He kept his attack kit and weaponry inside his large black backpack. (Since posting, he has been identified as Jessie Carlos Javier, Philippine citizen, 42 years old, and with financial problems; read more about him here.) Once inside the hotel elevators, the gunman appeared to put on a mask. From there, he drew his M-4 carbine … Continue reading

1 June 2017 – Initial coverage of Manila resort attack

The Enquirer, a Philippines-based news outlet, reports that just after midnight on Thursday (Friday, 2 June, Manila Time), that either a single gunman, or a group of gunmen, attacked the Resorts World Manila complex in Newport City, a section of Manila. Initial casualty figures by The Manila Times are 25 wounded. Gunshots were heard on video posted on Channel News Asia, and smoke was coming from one of the main buildings. Reports said a man (or men) dressed in black and wearing masks assaulted the complex with firearms and set parts of a building on fire. Photos from The Sun indicate the attack might have included a car bomb. The complex is currently on lockdown, and first responders – medical, fire, and SWAT – are at the scene. The Daily News and The Sun both report that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. … Continue reading

7 May 2017, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

The Miami Herald reports that on 7 May at around 8:49 p.m., a gunman opened fire on a couple in the valet parking area of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel. The presumed weapon was a handgun. Local 10 ABC News Miami reports that witnesses in the hotel say they heard five to seven shots. The male victim was hit multiple times, the female only once. Despite being wounded, both victims managed to retreat from the assailant and into the hotel where staff called the police and an ambulance. The victims were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center where they were last reported in stable condition. The Fontainebleau is an opulent hotel described as sitting in the heart of “Millionaires’ Row” in Miami Beach. Scenes from several movies have been filmed there, including Goldfinger, Scarface, and The Bodyguard. It is also a … Continue reading

31 January 2017, Predlitz-Turrach, Austria – hotel hacked, guests NOT trapped in their rooms, but security upgraded, nonetheless

On 28 January, The Local, an Austrian news source, reported that cybercriminals had recently hacked into the Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt in Turrach. The attackers damaged the hotel’s electronic key system and also shut down all the hotel’s computers, which included the front desk, point of sale, and reservations systems. Initial press reports saying that hotel guests were locked in or out of their rooms have been retracted by one of the original reporting sources, and Cristoph Brandstaetter, manager of the hotel, told Motherboard, “It was just a normal cyber attack and no guests were locked in.” Brandstaetter did say, however, that they were unable to make electronic room keys for new guests. Because of this last issue, there is continued reporting suggesting that scores of guests, and not just new guests, were locked out of their rooms. (Interviews with hotel guests who were … Continue reading

14 January 2017, hotel attacks in Gondar and Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Two hotel attacks in recent weeks are indicative of the increasing political violence happening in Ethiopia. It is a complex situation involving several ethnic and political issues that are spiraling out of control, making Ethiopia unstable. Civilians, both local and foreign, are in the crosshairs, as are hotels. The most recent hotel attack, says Geeska Afrika Online, happened on 10 January between 8:00-8:30 p.m. when terrorists threw a grenade into the Entasol Hotel in Gondar. Some reporting says the seat of the blast was the hotel bar, which was full of people watching a local soccer/football match on television. The explosion killed four and wounded as many as 30, reports Borkena. (Earlier reports said one killed and 19 wounded.) The U.S. Embassy suspended travel for its employees to Gondar as a result of the attack. The Entasol appears to be a roadside motel type establishment, touted … Continue reading