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Best’s Review – excellent article on hotel terrorism insurance in the wake of the Sri Lanka attacks, plus 3 respectful points of dissent

Best’s Review published a timely terrorism insurance article written by the talented Iris Lai in its July issue titled, “Continuing Exposure: Sri Lanka bombings call for revisiting terrorism and political risk management, market watchers say.” Below is a summary of the article’s pertinent data points, and takeaways follow. The Easter bombings in Sri Lanka have caused businesses in Asia to focus extra attention on terrorism risk management. Underwriters are expected to review their exposure to hotels and the risks posed to them by terrorism. Regarding Asia, no region is safe from terrorism, even places like Hong Kong and Singapore, said insurance experts. Hotels continue to be priority targets of terrorists. In Sri Lanka, there has been a surge of demand from uninsured properties to secure terrorism insurance. Also in Sri Lanka, the National Insurance Trust Fund is covering $5.8 million in insured damages … Continue reading

ISIS’ Leaderless Revolution and the Sri Lanka Attacks: hotel attack overview included