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White Paper: Hotel Attack Statistics reasonable foreseeability and totality of circumstances 1 November 2018

29 October 2018, Tunis, Tunisia

Eturbonewsreports that, at 1:50pm on 29 October 2018, a female suicide bomber, most likely Tunisia’s first (Muir Analytics is conducting research to confirm), detonated her explosives on the pedestrian walkway on Habib Bourguiba Avenue between the Municipal Theater of Tunis and the El Hana International Tunis hotel. The hotel did not suffer damage. The apparent target of the bomber was a police checkpoint that was next to a police van. Brinkwire reported that the Tunisian Interior Minister Hichem Fourati said the detonation injured 15 police officers and five civilians. (Muir Analytics conducted a photographic and video analysis to pinpoint the apparent seat of the blast. If additional data causes this to change, Muir Analytics will adjust its analysis. The Mirror has a photograph of the deceased bomber – pixilated as to blur the woman’s wounds – lying directly in front of theEl Hana International … Continue reading