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23 August 2016, Pattani, Thailand

The Bangkok Post reports that two bombs detonated at the Southern View Hotel in Pattani, Thailand, on 23 August, killing two and wounding 40. The first bomb exploded in a bar inside the hotel at 10:40 pm, causing people to flee the building. As first responders arrived, a second device hidden in an ambulance parked in front of the hotel exploded, causing massive damage. The Southern View Hotel is an eight-story, 100-room hotel. It appears to be a 3-4 star establishment with a conference center. Damage to the hotel was severe as demonstrated by pictures from the Daily Mail here. Financial estimates of the carnage are reported at 30 million baht, about $867,566.00 USD, but pictures of the damage suggest a higher figure of well over $1 million USD. The blasts damaged 68 nearby properties and more than 14 cars and motorcycles. Lost … Continue reading

15 August 2016, Paris occupancy rates plummets because of recent terror attacks

The Telegraph reported on 7 August that Paris’ hotel occupancy rates have plummeted as a result of more than 11 terror attacks in country, such as: 2015 3 February, Nice 19 April, Villejuif, Paris 26 June, Saint-Quentin-Fallavier 21 August, Oignies 13-14 November, Paris 2016 1 January, Valence 7 January, Paris 13 June, Magnanville 14 July, Nice 26 July, Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray The Nice and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray attacks had a particularly grim impact on tourism because of the heinousness of their violence. The Nice attack involved an ISIS agent driving a truck through a crowd on Bastille Day, killing 85 and wounding 307. The Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray attack entailed ISIS agents beheading a priest in a catholic church during Tuesday morning prayers. As a result, Paris hotel occupancy rates in July 2016 fell to a mere 32 percent. In July 2015, they were at 77 percent. Nice hotel revenues have fallen 45 percent since the truck attack. Reuters … Continue reading