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14 March 2016, DHS warns ISIS aims to attack DC area hotels

On 10 March 2016, the US Department of Homeland Security issued a threat warning saying that ISIS was aiming to attack hotels and conference venues in the Washington DC area, so reports The Investigative Project on Terrorism. Several government agencies contributed to the report, including the FBI, the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC,) and the Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center. The District of Columbia Hotel Association also reportedly had a hand in it. The actual threat warning part of the report was apparently general in nature, but it was released two days after an ISIS video threatened violence in the United States. The video, posted by the Daily Mail here, is titled, “A Message to America from the Islamic Caliphate Supporters.” The video said: “Paris isn’t far from you. We will by Allah’s permission do to your country what we did to Paris. We … Continue reading