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14 October 2015, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK

On 9 October, Londonderry police confirmed that a suspicious item reportedly found in the parking lot of the Waterfoot Hotel was, in fact, a bomb, said the BBC. The Irish Times says that the device was “concealed in a hedge beside the Waterfoot Hotel.” The Waterfoot Hotel website is here. The hotel was evacuated just before noon, and the entrance was cordoned off, reports the Derry Journal. Police initially figured the item in question was a hoax bomb, but upon making it inert via a controlled explosion, they realized that it was a real explosive device. The presumed target was a police-recruiting event being held at the Waterfoot. A school formal was planned for the hotel that night – it was cancelled – and a wedding was scheduled for the next day, Saturday. There was also supposed to be a protest at the … Continue reading