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25 September 2015, Tunisia’s tourism sector collapses after hotel attack

On 25 September, The Guardian reported that Tunisia’s tourism sector had collapsed in the wake of the 26 June attack on the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba in Sousse. Scores of governments have published travel warnings and no-go advisories for Tunisia, and tour agencies have abandoned it as a holiday location. The numbers of British tourists in 2015 are predicted to drop as much as 90% from 2014. That year brought 420,000 British citizens to Tunisia. ABC News says that tourism from the European Union has already decreased 50%. The Guardian furthermore reports that as many as 26 hotels in Sousse have closed since the attack. Some 50 of Tunisia’s 600 hotels have closed, countrywide, and the RIU chain is currently in talks with the operators of its nine properties in Tunisia regarding the future of the company there. Radhouane Ben Salah, head of … Continue reading

27 September 2015, Philippines, Davao del Norte

On 22 September 2015, the Dispatch Times reported that approximately 11 men assailed the Holiday Oceanview Samal Resort in Davao del Norte province (Samal Island) in the Philippines, and kidnapped several people. The Associated Press describes the venue as an “upscale resort complex” and a top rated marina. The resort’s website and related videos show a marina where patrons can dock 50-foot sailboats, motorboats, and yachts, and then engage in tourist activities. The attackers, armed with pistols and assault rifles, arrived on two boats referred to as bancas (motorized outrigger boats) on Monday night, 21 September, at 11:23 p.m. They overpowered the resort’s security guards and seized four people. The attackers tried to abduct an American and his Japanese wife from their yacht, but the two broke free and escaped by diving into the water. Philippine authorities said the attackers spoke English, Visaya, … Continue reading

11 September 2015, UK firm launches lawsuit against Thompson over 26 June 2015 Tunisia hotel attack

Reuters reported on 11 September that a group of UK victims (injured and families of the deceased) of the 26 June terror attack on the Imperial Marhaba hotel in Sousse, Tunisia, had hired British law firm Irwin Mitchell to represent them in a lawsuit against Thompson, the travel company that arranged their tour. The attack occurred when ISIS-linked Seifeddine Rezgui, a university student in Tunisia, attacked the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba with an AK-47 and what appeared to be homemade grenades. Police shot and killed Rezgui on the street after he egressed from the hotel property. The attack killed 38 and wounded 39. Irwin Mitchell recently sent formal claim letters to Thompson and has yet to receive a response, says Reuters. Clive Garner, head of Irwin Mitchell’s international personal injury section (also described as head of the firm’s “International Travel Litigation Group,”) said the … Continue reading


The Somalia-based insurgent group al Shabaab issued the following warning on 2 September: “Let Muslims avoid going to the hotels where men and women misbehave…anybody engaged in this immoral culture is seen as part of the enemies that invaded Somalia.” Sheikh Ali Jabal, the group’s commander for the Mogadishu area, issued the statement. The immediate meaning is this: al Shabaab is likely to attack a bar, restaurant, hotel, resort, and/or beach area in the near future. Press reports say the warning was aimed at locations in Somalia as thousands of overseas-based Somalis that had previously left the country because of more than two decades of fighting have recently returned to a perceived lowered threat environment, and they are frequenting bars, nightclubs, hotels, and waterfront areas. Muir Analytics has not seen any more of the threat statement issued, so at this stage, without additional … Continue reading