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26 June 2015, Sousse, Tunisia

On 26 June, terrorists raided hotels along a beach in Sousse, Tunisia. Exact details of the terrorists’ tactics, the hotels struck, and the numbers of killed and wounded are tenuous, but as of 1700 Eastern Standard Time (US), the situation is this: At approximately 12:00 pm Tunisia time, two terrorists arrived at the beach at the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba and the Soviva Resort – possibly by Jet Ski and/or boat, so said the director of the Royal Kenz Hotel – drew AK-47s hidden in umbrellas, and began shooting beachgoers and sunbathers. So far, there has been no reporting on shootings at the Soviva Resort itself. It appears the violence there likely happened at the Soviva’s beachfront as it sits next to (north of) the Imperial Marhaba. The owner of the Imperial Marhaba, Zohra Driss, said in the Daily Mail that the gunmen … Continue reading

8 June 2015, Indian security forces lament lack of hotel security

On 8 June, the Times of India ran a piece titled, “DC boss stay exposes chinks in hotels’ armour.” In this story, police in Bhubaneswar (Odisha state, 150 miles down the coast from Bangladesh) were on the hunt for Mr. P K Iyer, Vice Chair of the newspaper, the Deccan Chronicle, for alleged bank fraud, and, in the process of the investigation, discovered hotel security vulnerabilities. It seems that Mr. Iyer had checked into a hotel under a fake name, sidestepping both hotel security and police surveillance. The Times of India said, “Police are supposed to make periodic inspection of hotels to know whether hoteliers collect identity proof of guests before check-in.” The Hindustan Times reports that the arrest happened at 2:30 am at the Trident Hotel. The Trident in Bhubaneswar is listed as a 5 star hotel on exotic grounds and popular … Continue reading

29 May 2015, VIDEO of the aftermath: Babylon hotel bombing, Iraq

Here is a video of the aftermath of the bombing. Note the blown out windows several floors up and the scorched blast area in the parking lot. These factors demonstrate the likely epicenter of the explosion. Also, the caption of the video says it was the “Babil Hotel” when the footage clearly shows the Babylon. Click here for a pic of the blast area at the Babylon from UAE’s The National. Copyright © Muir Analytics 2015      

29 May 2015, Ishtar and Babylon hotel bombings, Iraq

The Gulf Times reports that ISIS, on 29 May 2015, claimed responsibility for bombing two hotels in Baghdad at around midnight on Thursday, 28 May: the Cristal Grand Ishtar and Warwick Babylon. Both hotels are upscale and popular with business travelers and government officials. They are moreover common wedding party and conference venues. Some news outlets such as AFP and Yahoo suggest that damage might have also been done to the nearby Palestine International Hotel, but that is unconfirmed. The Washington Post says that an Iraqi ISIS operative drove a bomb-laden car to the Ishtar, parked it, and left. The same operative then reportedly drove a car bomb to the Babylon, slipped into the compound with wedding party traffic – where no security check was performed – and then accelerated toward the lobby and detonated his device. The Babylon blast punched holes in … Continue reading